How A Coach Can Help Your Business Scale The Right Way

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Business

“A good coach will teach you how to tap into your intuition, trust your gut and make decisions quickly. A great coach will teach you all that including offering systems, processes, templates, and step-by-step frameworks.”Ari Hale, Business and Marketing Coach (click here to tweet)

Maybe you have taken the leap into the entrepreneurial journey seeking freedom, satisfaction, and success. But are long working hours, troubleshooting challenges, unstable finances, doubt, confusion and the lack of know-how weighing you down?

The journey is tough, but that doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone.

Enter: a business coach.

If you’re wondering how to take action, change your business’s direction and create a lasting impact – that’s exactly what a coach can help you with.

The 5 reasons why having a coach can transform you and your business

A great coach will –

Tell you to stop wasting time when you are overthinking

Many of us often know what we truly want, what our goals are and how we plan to get there. But there are moments when we waste time over-analyzing and not taking action. A coach will help you embrace your doubts, accept and move on from mistakes and realise that the glory, lessons, and growth lie in the bumpy parts of the ride.

Push you to feel the pain of not taking action after you’ve invested a ton of time and money

Investing in a personal coach means you have an accountability buddy. Especially if you’re working as an individual, it’s easy to get too comfortable in our own skin, style and speed. Ever since I’ve invested in a coach for myself, I’ve been able to take action faster than I probably would have if I didn’t have someone who believed in me, pushed me to be better and take responsibility for my own goals and results.

Cheer you on, always!

A great coach is determined to see you achieve your goals and succeed. They are on a selfless mission, rather than in a race with you, to help shape you and your business. Many of my clients are more profitable and growing faster than when they first came to me and I will always be proud of the effort they have put in to make that happen.

Tell you when you need a reality check

Many of my clients often share with me that their marketing strategy isn’t producing good results fast enough. To them, I said a marketing strategy is like dating.

  • Someone seeing your post on the timeline is like walking past each other on the street.
  • When you pass by each other and make eye contact, it’s equivalent to getting a “like” on your post.
  • Maybe they ask for your number. This is a comment.
  • The next step is when you’re invited to a dinner date. That’s a “follow”.
  • Now, you’re getting to know each other over dinner. Consider this an “engagement” with you, say, a DM.

My question is – doesn’t it take a while to get serious and exclusive about your new love affair? It’s the same for your valuable clients – they like to take their time and not rush into anything. If you wait, it will all be worth it.

Good marketing produces quality results, even if not “fast enough”.

A great coach isn’t afraid to redirect you to your original goal when you’re off the right path

Everyone could benefit from a coach or mentor at different stages. You could be doing a lot of things right, but sometimes, you could also be making a grave mistake and never realise it until it’s too late. A coach is involved in you and your business every step of the way and will not shy away from telling you that you need a direction check!

Do you want to bring a coach into the mix and step up your game?

If you are an online service provider, freelancer or consultant who needs a nudge in the right direction to –

  • Successfully scale up your business
  • Live your dream of achieving 6 figures without working insane hours every day

Apply online to my exclusive private training right here.

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