Fear of Failure & How to Conquer It

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Business, Mindset

FACT: The fear of failure is scary for many of us. As freelancers, we put our hearts into what we do. Working so hard to build something makes the results mean more at the end of the day. When it goes well, it feels great. But when things don’t work out the way you hoped, it can feel devastating. 

But ups and downs are part of any project. If it went right all the time, everyone would be doing it. It’s important to embrace the “what if’s” and chase your dreams without letting fear of failure hold you back. 

So, how can you overcome your fear of failure? Here are 4 ways: 

Way #1: Imagine the Alternative

So, let’s say you let your fear of failure take complete control. You decide to never make a move and put your dreams on the backburner. What would your life look like then? 

Would you be stuck in the same unfulfilling 9-5, never to experience the freedom and flexibility you’ve always craved? Would that truly make you happy or would you always be looking back, asking yourself what if? You know what you want. It’s time to go after it. 

Way #2: Figure Out Why You Fear Failure

This isn’t a bad time to do a little soul searching. Set aside some time to reflect on exactly why you’re afraid. 

Chances are that the reasons aren’t as bad as you think. If your fears are logical, come up with a plan to overcome them. If they’re illogical, recognize this and brush it aside. 

Way #3: Have a Failure Backup Plan

So, what if things do get off to a rocky start? To combat your fears of a worst-case scenario, create a backup plan. Having something to fall back on will give your confidence a boost as you set off into the unknown. 

The great thing about your backup plan is it can be whatever you need it to be. Maybe you spend 6 months saving up a backup fund to keep you going if things get difficult. Or maybe you decide to keep a part-time position until things feel right. 

Way #4: Imagine Life When You Succeed

Now, take a moment to picture how your life will look if things go according to plan. How amazing will your life look when you’re running your own successful freelance business? 

Will you spend more time with your family? Travel the world? Whatever the case, hold on to your dreams. With the right knowledge and strategies on your side, you’ll accomplish exactly what you’re envisioning.

Failure can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to hold you back from finding the success you’ve been dreaming of. Imagine what would happen if you never took the chance and then picture what your life will look like when you succeed. Analyzing why you’re afraid can help you move past your fears, while having a backup plan will give your confidence a boost. 

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