Building freedom into your business from the ground up.

When you first start freelancing, your biggest problem is figuring out how to get more clients. Next thing you know, you’re a one-woman show, feeling constantly overwhelmed, and running out of hours in the day to do it all.

This is not the life you wanted to live.

I Get It.

You want a business that allows you to pay your bills, spend time with your family, and still have time left over for yourself. You want to travel, take care of your parents, and build a nest egg for your kids.

All of this is possible.

I help female freelancers, coaches, & consultants hit consistent $10k+ months without the burnout or overwhelm.

Hey, I’m Ari!


And I help freelancers stop trying to be everything to everybody so that they can focus and think like a CEO.

In my programs, I give you the mindset, systems, and templates you need to grow your business. And you’ll be able to increase your revenue, making more impact, while working less hours.

But I’m not another business coach who’s never had a business. I’ve been in your shoes and every single thing I teach is something I’ve used successfully in my businesses and my coaching clients businesses.

my mission

To help at least 1000 Black & POC businesses break the multiple six-figure revenue mark annually.

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Since joining I’ve tripled my monthly income and I’m on track to hit my first 6-figure year.

Mindset shift really is what ATH has given me, sometimes you just need to know you are going down the right path and you are building your business correctly and I feel like I FINALLY have the blueprint for success so I move with 100% confidence and that’s honestly the key , is having confidence in what you do everyday so you can show up and give 100% & ATH has given me that.

— Renee Bull

In this business, I was unhappy, unfulfilled, and overwhelmed. Now, I’ve created a calm company doing what I love, working with amazing clients, delegating/outsourcing, and having boundaries in place.

Burning my business down to the ground was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. It allowed me to see that it was time to shift into the CEO role and focus on my strengths. With my new business (and business model), I’m able to be selective with who I decided to work with while still earning mid to high 4 figures on a monthly basis and on track to 5 figures monthly very soon without sacrificing my quality of life.

— Kris Smith

My income has hit consistent $20K+ months since working with Ari.

She also made me identify gaps in my business, streamline my processes, get organized and better manage my time as a CEO. While Ari helped me with my business growth & strategy, she also helped me to reframe my brain on having a CEO mindset.”

— Latesha Byrd

Since joining the program I have greatly strengthened my systems and processes which has resulted in consistent five-figure months, being booked out with a waitlist and being confident in tailoring my business to the life I deserve.

I’ve avoided scaling prematurely due to lack of organization and overwhelm and been able to put both of my design studios on parallel 6-figure tracks, while also applying tools that allow me to grow my e-commerce business.

And even somewhat more important than money and metrics, I’ve gained a community and strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs through ATH that further push and encourage me to hit goals and celebrate wins.

— Lindsey Morgan

my story

I started out as an online project manager traveling overseas in Southeast Asia with my son, Silas.

It looked amazing from the outside, but I was overwhelmed and spending way too much time on my phone and computer instead of spending precious time with my son.

Something had to change. So I used my love of systems and automations to build a six-figure business that supported the life I wanted to live. Along the way, I worked for people such as Rick Mulready, Carrie Green, and Jasmine Star, managing campaigns that generated over $30M within five years.

Those same systems allowed me to sell that same business.

After that, I started coaching 1:1 and was able to replicate my results in my clients’ businesses. Using strategy, systems, and automations, I’ve helped multiple clients grow their businesses into six-figure incomes.

Now I help coaches, freelancers, and consultants avoid the mistakes I made so they can shortcut their way to more freedom and flexibility in their lives.

as seen in

I believe in building a business with clients in alignment with your values.

Here are mine.

Family First

We help our clients create or restructure a service business that fits around their family and lifestyle – NOT a lifestyle that has to fit around your business & clients! Kids are welcome to say hi on calls.

Integrity Over Opportunity

We never compromise our reputation or integrity for money, approval, or opportunities. We honor our commitments, no matter what.

Mistakes Are Encouraged

The only way to not make mistakes is to not try at all. Mistakes are lessons and a spotlight on where we need to improve.

Mutual Respect & Responsibility

We agree that neither of us is an infant and we are not helpless. I am responsible for my commitment to you. You are responsible for your results, your success, and your business.

Kobe Effort & #MambaMentalityAlways

We never compromise our reputation or integrity for money, approval, or opportunities. We honor our commitments, no matter what.

It’s time to step into your role as CEO.

To create a business that supports who you are and the life you want to live, you need to be the CEO of your business.

As a freelancer:


You’re a jack-of-all-trades, willing to do whatever the client is willing to pay for


You’re often either servicing clients or thinking about where the next client is coming from


You’re chained to your phone and your laptop like you’re on call, nights and weekends



You specialize as an expert and your audience knows exactly what results they can expect


You’re able to plan months and years ahead in your business, because your revenue is steady


Your systems and processes allow you to service clients well while also having clear boundaries and time for yourself

Find out what you need to do next to go from freelancer to CEO.

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